Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Schoewe Reich

Seems like many Schoewe ancestors (i.e., Klatts, Hensels, Schoewes) lived in the Posen area, some perhaps originating from the Mecklenburg area.  Not being quite as up on my Reich history as I might be, I thought it was interesting to see visually how all that area from Stettin (Pommern) east, roughly in a line south down the Oder to Frankfurt and then down further to what is now the Czech Republic has subsequently become Poland.  Indeed, the old Prussian heartland is Poland.  I think I knew that before, but maybe forgot. (For the technical minded, yes, excepting Kaliningrad and points north/east, which is generally Russia/Lithuania now.)

In other words, according to Google Earth, looks like we are generally Northern European Plains people.

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