Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ma and Pa

Another cool pic of the folks. I suppose everybody who might see this already has via email, but I figured you'd probably want to see it again.


Matt said...

Interesting Red Lake info, but I don't yet know the origin of the name.

Matt said...

Aha, got it.

"The Chippewa Indians called Minnesota's two largest lakes the 'Red' lakes because of the color of the water when reflecting a summer sunset. This name, translated into English, was later used by the white men for Red Lake and was also used for Red Lake River and Red Lake County."

Apparently, the Dakota Sioux were there first but got pushed out by the Chippewa, after pissing off the Chippewa over by Gitche Gumee. Don't know what the Sioux called the Red Lakes. Perhaps the same?

Don said...

Thanks for the naming. I'll check with some Red Lakers here too. Mom says the oak look red from a distance too.Wish you could see bow stretching all the way across Lake Bemidje.